Travel to NewYork City Part I Statue of Liberty - Seen from above, Manhattan Island looks like a ship determined to break loose from nature?s hold and head for the open sea and the world beyond.

How to Check to See if Your Precious Vacation Location is a Dive - I travel a lot and I love discount travel the most.

Guide to Accommodation in Barcelona - Travel to Barcelona is a once in a lifetime experience, ideal for those who like the sensational architecture of Antonio Gaudi.

Tips on Finding Florence Accommodations - Where should you go to find Florence accomodations when you make that next big trip to France? You and I both know that it can be difficult to find good accomodations at an affordable price, but that it is incredibly important to making your trip.

Visiting Denver Check Out These Great Restaurants - If you're coming to Denver and not familiar with the downtown area, here's information on five great restaurants you might want to check out.

Hello from Ottawa The Canadian War Museum and Its Special Exhibit Weapons of Mass Dissemination - Anybody who knows me and my personal family background knows that I absolutely abhor violence and war.

Extreme Adventures Queensland - Would you like to book an Air Safari? We fly over Aoraki Mount Cook and the Fox Glacier - it's a wonderful view.

A World Cup Guide to Dortmund in Germany - In the summer of 2006 Dortmund in Germany is set to serve up a feast of soccer.

The Short Break Solution - Whether it is due to a dislike of rushing to make tight connecting flights, crowed airports or a simple fear of flying, increasing numbers of travellers simply don?t want to get fly long distances by airplane.

The Thrill of Las Vegas - If you are looking for some thrill when you visit Las Vegas then you have no shortage of thrill rides that will provide every kind of adventure you are looking for.

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