Getting the Best Deal on a Cruise

For many people, cruising is the ultimate budget vacation, since everything, from lodging to food to entertainment, is included in the basic price of the cruise. Cruises serve just about every part of the world, offering a great mixture of free shipboard entertainment, relaxation and pampering, all for an often great low price. The beauty of cruises is that they are able to cater to every taste, and serve visitors of all socioeconomic levels.

There are ultra luxurious cruise ships that cater to the very wealthy, and there are also budget minded cruise ships and cruise lines that cater to providing the greatest amount of value for the least possible amount of money. Another great thing about any type of cruise is the huge variety of onboard entertainment that is available. Cruise ship activities range from simply lounging by the pool with a drink in your hand to hitting the slots on shipboard casinos.

In addition, cruise ships provide plenty of other options, including swimming, volleyball, shuffleboard, basketball, table tennis, gymnasiums, and even golf. The fitness options for cruise passengers are many, and many cruise lines employ personal trainers and massage therapists in addition to offering all manner of workout and onboard sports options. And the opportunities for excitement and adventure are not limited to the trip. Most cruise passengers love the off ship excursions that are offered at every port, and water sports enthusiasts will love the opportunity to water ski, jet ski and scuba dive. Cruise ship operators pride themselves in offering a wide variety of dining options as well. The shipboard buffets available on cruise ships are renowned for good reason, and the number of buffets offers everything from burgers, French fries and hot dogs to veal cordon bleu and salad bars.

And best of all, many shipboard buffets are open day and night. Nightlife is another thing that makes cruises such a unique form of travel. The nightlife onboard a cruise ship is quite varied, offering everything from discos and bars to casinos and theatres. In addition, many cruise ships offer classes in everything from poker and bridge to ballroom dancing.

There are also myriad opportunities for enjoying a number of excursions at every port of call. For instance, guests on a Mediterranean cruise may enjoy a night at the opera or a day at a local soccer game, while visitors to Caribbean ports of call may enjoy diving and enjoying the local coral reefs. Cruises are a favorite with travelers on a limited budget, since the cost is known up front. Unlike many other types of vacations, where the costs of lodging, meals and entertainment can quickly get out of hand, on a cruise everything is included.

There are often a great many specials on cruises available, particularly in the off season and the shoulder season. It is important to check the internet and your local travel agent frequently to get the best deal on the cruise of your dreams. .

By: K Hoyng

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