Finding The Right Window Treatment In Los Angeles And Chicago
by: Sarah Peters
Some of the most unique and individual décor consultants can be found in smaller centers, but for a truly competitive field that will supply window treatments for your home, you're looking at the larger cities like Los Angeles and Chicago.[more]

Chicago Real Estate: Is It Overheating?
by: Nick Anderson
Chicago real estate is one of the greatest success stories of the recent boom in property prices. With low, low mortgage rates for Chicago home ( mortgage loans, demand for real estate is going through the roof as people rush to snap up great homes on the beautiful Chicago lakefront, as well as in Chicago's many attractive suburbs. [more]

Chicago Traffic Reports
by: Theresa Carter
Listening to a traffic report in Chicago is like hearing a MCSE professional talk about firewalls and proxy servers. You somehow know that what's being said is important and you should know what it is, but he or she might as well be speaking in binary code. After being in Chicago awhile you learn the terms you need to know, but if you're visiting or just moved to Chicago it seems like you'll never get it! Traffic reports use names, but the maps and signs use numbers. [more]