Parador of Caceres Spain

The Parador of Caceres is located in one of the great monumental cities of Europe. UNESCO has declared Caceres a World Heritage Site. Here in the historic section is concentrated the most impressive remaining example of medieval stonemasonry in the world. The perfectly preserved old town sits on top of a large hill rising above Plaza Mayor, and situated very near the center of the old town is the Parador Caceres.

This impressive hotel is the result of the creative refurbishment and joining of five contiguous buildings; the former palace of the Marquis of Torreorgaz and four ancestral homes of former nobles. The palace part was built around 1488 by a knight of Saint James, Don Diego Garcia de Ulloa. The other ancestral homes were built later and they've all been combined into a labyrinthine, yet pleasing whole.

The Parador is located on a very quiet street and provides the traveler with modern accommodations that still blend harmoniously with the medieval city beyond its walls.Try to have an evening meal at the Caceres Parador. Dining in the outside patio among orange trees on a warm summer night is a true pleasure. The cuisine here is superb, and of a variety you won't encounter elsewhere.

Try the venison with Casar cheese, or the roast kid with rosemary - both very representative of typical Extremaduran fare.The Romans founded the city in the 1st century B.C. as Norba Caesarina. Its present name is derive from the Arabic "alcazares" meaning "fortified castles.

" The old part of Caceres is encircled by an ancient stone wall. This old section of the city - the "barrio antiguo" - is definitely for walking. A car would only inhibit your explorations and present a parking nightmare.Walking around Caceres Viejo from the Parador:.

- Wandering "el casco" (the old quarter) at night is especially pleasing. It's easy to let the mind slip into the very real illusion that you've stepped back five centuries in time.- See Plaza de Santa Maria - Surrounded by old noble mansions. - Iglesia de San Mateo.

- Plaza de las Veletas - Stop into the archaeological museum there.- The "ferias de Caceres" is a fun time to visit. It usually starts during the last week of May and for seven days, the city puts on a continuous and action-packed series of events, bullfights, parties and fireworks.

Be sure to arrange accommodations at the Parador well in advance.Interesting day trips include:.- Trujillo - Another city that is a wonderful slice out of history.

- Guadalupe - With its historically fascinating Real Monasterio de Santa Maria de Guadalupe.- Merida - With its many Roman ruins.The Parador of Caceres can well serve as a base for exploring Extremadura if you choose. It is no more than a couple of hours drive to any of the other captivating cities mentioned above. This is the area of Spain perhaps most reminiscent of the era of the conquistadores and the Golden Age of Spain.

Stay for awhile - experience the history and ambience of one of Spain's finest cities and most interesting hotels. makes it easy for you to plan and arrange your next trip to Spain.

This time stay in palaces, castles, and other places of great historical interest and rare beauty - the wonderful Paradors of Spain. www.SpainParador.


By: Gary Bumpas

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