RV Safety Staying Safe on the Road

RV safety should be one of the most important factors you constantly consider when traveling in a recreational vehicle. Although driving a motor home is similar to driving an automobile, you should still read the following RV safety tips to ensure safety for both you and other drivers.Some RV safety features your new or used motor home may have are: power steering, an automatic transmission, anti-lock brakes, etc. Get to know your recreational vehicle ? its size, height, and weight. Most RVs do not require you have a special license to drive them, but double check with your state's RV safety laws to make sure.

You can ask your RV dealer for guidance and special requirements needed for RV safety.Basic RV Safety Tips:.? Allow yourself extra time - When you drive your RV, you should allow yourself extra time when turning, entering the interstate, braking, and changing lanes. The RV is probably much larger than your regular automobile, so drive with this adjustment in mind.? Turn cautiously ? RV safety dictates you should take the time for a wide, slow turn.

Be alert of those around you, how wide the lane is you will be turning both from and into, and use your blinker.? Utilize your mirrors ? Before hitting the road, do a mirror check on your recreational vehicle every time. Sit in the driver's seat and make sure the mirrors are adjusted properly. Do you have a rear mounted video camera? If so, make sure it is working.? Back up with caution ? If your RV does not have accessible rear view mirrors that allow you to accurately see behind you, ask a co-traveler to help out and guide you.

Back up very slowly, and check for obstacles before you even get into the motor home.? Safety when towing ? The most important factor to remember when using a towable RV is the weight balance. How much does the RV weigh empty and when full? Calculate this each trip to ensure safety.? Lights ? Double check that all of your lights work on the interior and exterior of your RV before you hit the road. Look at the blinker/turning lights, brake lights, towable trailer brake lights, etc.

These signals guide you and alert other drivers on the road as to what you will be doing.? Don't forget to buckle up!.

.Julie Jacobs writes ideas for travel, home, and family.

Find recreational vehicle resources for RVs at pedatarvcenter.com.

By: Julie Jacobs

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