The Parking Experts Tips on Where to Park your Car in Manhattan During the Holiday Season

* Rockefeller Center - look for streets on the West Side that become free at either 6pm or 7pm - like 53rd St. between 8th - 10th Avenues

* Times Square/Theatre District - streets in the 40's also become free at either 6pm or 7pm - like 44th Street between 8th - 9th Avenue

* Lincoln Center - many of the streets on the West Side that are free at either 6pm or 7pm are also free on the weekends - like 56th Street between 8th-10th Avenues

* Museum mile - many streets have alt side regulations with lots of great places to park - like 82nd Street between 3rd - 5th Avenues. Free on weekends!

* Madison Square Garden - look for streets that become free at either 6pm or 7pm in the 20's - like 29th Street between 7th - 8th Avenues.

Many are free on weekends!

* Central Park - lots of alt side regulations between Central Park West & Amsterdam - especially above 65th Street. Also many on the East Side between 3rd - 5th Avenues

* Greenwich Village - streets near Washington Square Park are free at night (6pm or 7pm) and/or have alt side regulations - like Sullivan between Bleecker - 3rd Street

* The peripherals are generally better places to park than in the middle of Manhattan. Try drifting a little bit east or west - a short walk to your destination is healthy!

Always plan ahead - know in advance which streets are good and bad places to park and make a note of where to go and where to avoid.


.As seen on ABC's Eyewitness News and in New York Magazine, Erik Feder is "The Parking Expert". He has done extensive research on the Manhattan parking scene, including driving on every single street in Manhattan and writing down the parking regulations on each and every sign. His "Feder Guide" series of books lists street parking regulations for every street between 124h Street - Battery Park as well as over 450 parking facilities.

Erik is available for interview, commentary or quotation.For more information, review copies or to schedule an author interview, please contact:

Rhythmo Productions
525 East Olive Street
Long Beach, NY 11561
1-877-412-PARK (877-412-7275)

By: Erik Feder

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