The Price Wise Cruiser

With all the different options available on cruises today, the prices of them can vary greatly. Just looking at various cruise lines for a 6-9 day Alaskan Cruise, I was presented with prices ranging from $500 up to and over $7500. So how is one to determine which Cruise package they really want to go with? There can be many variables involved in such a search. Some people will take the stance that, if you can afford it, you may as well go with the $7500 one. While others will tell you the $500 one is just as good, if not better, than the $7500 one.

The primary difference between the various prices, per ship, will usually be the room. And some people will argue that the need for a very fancy room just isn't there, since the purpose of a cruise is to stay out of the room, and have fun. Both by capitalizing on the various means of entertainment the cruises themselves offer on the ship, as well as the off ship activities as well.

The important thing to keep in mind, is that just like with anything else, with a cruise, you will have to pay for the name. A well known Cruise liner will cost much more than a lesser known one. Another thing to keep in mind is that from boat to boat, one company will usually stick with the same or similiar designs, with minor variations. Many companies will boast the differences that make one ship better than another, so if one company offers $900 for one ship, and $1200 for another, for the same exact cruise, it might be better to ask them outright what the difference is, and make the decision based on their information.

Another very important deciding factor to keep in mind is the time of year. During March, 2006, a 6-8 day Caribbean Carnival Cruise, on will average about $600 for an Interior room. Whereas a 6-8 day Caribbean Carnival Cruise in December 2006 will run around $450 for an Interior room. For some, this price difference is not a large deciding factor, however consider this point. However, for the price wise people out there, that can be a deciding factor as depending on where you're coming from, that can be an extra plane ticket to get there.

The last major deciding factor, that ties in with the time of year, is location. A Caribbean Cruise will cost more than an Alaskan cruise during the summer months. However during the winter months, an Alaskan cruise will cost more. You will also have a greater variety of boats available for an Alaskan cruise during the winter, as during the summer most of the boats will be relocated to places such as Hawaii, the Bahamas and the Caribbean.


By: Steven Surowiec

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