Using Your Cell Phone in Germany

Is my cell phone Tri-Band? To find out if your phone is Tri-Band you need to contact your cell phone manufacturer, dealer or just refer to your user manual. Once you identify that your cell phone is Tri-Band you must find out if you need a separate SIM card. To find out if you need a separate SIM card for use in Germany once again you would need to speak with either the cell phone manufacturer or dealer. Most cell phones are able to send and receive text messages whether they are Tri-Band or not.If you know that your phone will work in Germany you should find out how much you will have to pay to use it, it can be expensive if it is not a German phone.

If you plan to stay in Germany for two weeks or more it may be in your best interest to just buy the cheapest cell-phone that runs off of pre-paid cards you can find. You should be able to find one for around 50 EUR at most phone shops, ie. Telekom, With a pre-paid phone you can use a normal long distance calling card by dialing 0800callatt and reach back home for a reasonable rate.One good thing about cell-phone use in Germany is that you are not charged for incoming calls. If your friend back home has a good rate to call Germany, have him/her call you and you will not have to pay a penny.

In the very worse case scenario, if you have an emergency, you can contact the police at any time with any cell-phone, with or without a SIM card by just dialing 110. All phone service providers are configured to transmit the signal dialed from 110 even if your phone is not activated and/or does not have a card.


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By: Joshua Spaulding

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