Visiting Denver Check Out These Great Restaurants

If you're coming to Denver and not familiar with the downtown area, here's information on five great restaurants you might want to check out.Elway's
So our Number 7 was a pretty good football player when he was with the Broncos, but surprise! He's also a pretty good restaurateur. The steaks at Elway's are first rate, the side dishes are excellent and the martinis like totally cold.Elway's
2500 E.

1st Ave. (Cherry Creek Shopping Center)
303-399-5353.Table Six
Table Six just might be the hottest restaurant in Denver as of this writing. It's a relatively small neighborhood restaurant that's just a few minutes from the 16th St.

Mall at 609 Corona. Its menu focuses on fresh, seasonal ingredients prepared in unusual ways. For example, you can get seafood sausage on white cabbage and broiled chicken, rabbit and Colorado lamb.

Table Six
609 Corona St.
If you're in the mood for contemporary French cuisine, give Aix a try. It's menu mixes the tried and true with the newer, novelle dishes such as pomegranate risotto and mushroom-stuffed quail with cardamom lentils and orange gastrique.

Aix also serves a variety of to-die-for game dishes.Aix
719 E. 17th Ave.
303-831-1296.Restaurant Kevin Taylor
This is definitely one of Denver's most upscale and luxurious restaurants with a bumptious menu that ranges from bay scallop and squid ink ravioli to desert list that includes Hawaiian pineapple Charlotte. The wine list is 900 wines long.

Restaurant Kevin Taylor
1106 24th St.
303-820-2600.Vesta Dipping Grill
This very contemporary restaurant sports curvy walls and a curvy bar and sports a menu that serves up a few curves.

It's basically a fondue restaurant where you order an entree and then choose three or more sauces from a long list of possibilities for your dipping pleasure. Featured entrees include ginger-seared Ahi tuna, pork tenderloin cubano, achiote-grilled Altantic salmon, madras coconut milk grilled venison and green chile masa gnocchi. If the idea of a customized meal fits you fancy, the Vesta Dipping Grill is your kind of place.Vesta Dipping Grill
1822 Blake St.

.You can learn more than will help you enjoy your stay in Denver at my web site. Just go to Hanna has lived in the Denver metro area for more than 30 years and is an expert on both Denver and Colorado.

He is also the author of more than 100 ezine articles on a variety of subjects.

By: Douglas Hanna

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