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Chicago The Windy City
by: David Chandler
Chicago was founded in the early 1800s and served as a connection between the developed East Coast and the enlarged Wild West. On the shores of Lake Michigan, the development of suburbia and skyscrapers was low but persistent. Though the devastating fire of 1871 grounded Chicago, it came back again and this time growth took pace every decade. By 1900, it crossed the mark of two million people. [more]

Chicago - A City Of History, Culture and Character
by: Perry Manzani
A visit to Chicago leaves you spellbound. Like all other metropolitan cities of North America such as Los Angeles and New York, Chicago also has a truly cosmopolitan nature. This is evident by the number of people from all over the world who have made this lovely city their home. [more]

Chicago Real Estate: Is It Overheating?
by: Nick Anderson
Chicago real estate is one of the greatest success stories of the recent boom in property prices. With low, low mortgage rates for Chicago home ( mortgage loans, demand for real estate is going through the roof as people rush to snap up great homes on the beautiful Chicago lakefront, as well as in Chicago's many attractive suburbs. [more]

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